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Voted OMG! My talk at #dtn got published on Youtube!
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Voted I feel that relationships are the act of entangling two people on a physica
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Re: %JPfcGDAkK

I knew you were a freeze peach activist

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Re: %2mzRpUkjf

I've been thinking about this a lot lately! Site creation should be accessible to non-devs! And it also shouldn't be a chore to developers. Themes and widgets can be fun to make, but they take too much time. How can we make the browser be an output multiplier?

I've been poking at a themes concept and I think it's starting to work. It's a somewhat natural tool to introduce for site creation... Beaker borders on being Wordpress or Gatsby, shouldn't there be a theming system? So that's where I'm iterating right now.

I think the p2p web is about accessible creation. How can entire web applications be convenient for end-users to create? It's important to non-devs so they're empowered; it's important to devs so they can work on real things instead of the same stuff repeatdly; and it's important to decentralization because it moves us away from big cloud deployments that handle everything.

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Re: %hy6KVw356

Hey really sorry to hear that ranger, :heart: goes out to you

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Re: %1l1gUlNFB

Just the standard pain points around multi-device and collaboration. I figure WYSIWYG and GUI-based construction are a long-term goal that we hit when we're trying to expand the audience.

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