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Planetary is an open source iOS Scuttlebutt application.

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Re: %rX3KW8+/c


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Voted #newpeople wanted to post this so that I can brag that I’ve been here since
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Re: %UbhUoDGUj

yeah i agree, in the debug menu you can see how many connections there are, what the current stats are for feeds and it changes as new things are downloaded. Clearly we've got the info, but we don't make it visible to users. I think that, not displaying follow messages to help discover new users, and lack of background silent push notifications to periodically spin up the app to peer in the background.

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Voted Oh! We also made a new episode of _go-ssb-things_. [Part three](https://www
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Re: %cIftWD8rj

The bugs in 0.1.11 have been fixed in 0.1.12... well the profile and directory bugs anyway.

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Re: %GUwEOkTFo

Ok, fixed but bug and learned a bunch about iOS debug symbols so i can actually make sense of the logs. If you go to the appstore and update it should work again. Apologies.

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Planetary Release 0.1.12

It's been awhile since we've had a planetary release. We've done a bunch of small tweaks, mostly around updating the UI to show better activity and prevent double posting or incorrect information about following. We made likes in to big emoji and a generally tweaked the ui.

The biggest change is the focus on communities in the directory. We now provide a list of pub's with their pre-loaded invites to help you find communities.

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