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Voted One thing I'd like to note is that I evaluate all/most design and tech choi
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Voted Recent snow ![snowy.jpg](&6qq+pVYadAQ3zTN75gb9Ogv3NRSeb3YxgUQxRN/VBik=.sha2
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Voted I finally received an email from #crowd-supply that my #mnt-reform is ready
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Re: %poR7WGPZU

Does feedhack come with midi sync for multiple artists?

I’d love to reverse what Speedy J showed of last year with his Stay Home Soundsystem. AFAIK the exact technique isn’t public yet but I was told of an interview where they explain that it adapts to latency jitter by delaying about 4 bars but otherwise makes them stay in sync.

I did find some midi-over-ip stuff but haven’t had the chance to try or check if they even account for cross country scenarios.

Here is an example of drone-y ambient, the other ones are pretty straight techno sets and can be found in the same playlist:

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Voted #music Who's doing remote multi-track musical collaborations? Anybody? Am
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Voted Yesterday I received a new pair of tyres for my bicycle. I've had my eye on
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Re: %kzDafZgvq

Huh. Thanks for the thorough experience report.. :)

I tired the multiplayer for a few hours when it launched. It was fun for a bit but I don’t like these kids of progression systems that kinda nudge you into subscriptions.

Single player didn’t even phase me for the reasons you mentioned, too. Big empty worlds are boooring.

Also I’m having a hard time with mouse based games after sitting on my pc for work the whole day.

Story-wise I can recommend Control if you haven’t had the chance yet and to some extend God of War, though I found it quite short if you stick to the main story.

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Voted Micro$haft had their game pass subscription service on a sale and so I pick
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