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It has been some years since I worked on #bamboo , and by now I'd make a lot of different choices. Today I finally got down to writing them down. Reed is about as bamboo 2.0 as things will get.

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There will be another chance next Thrsday at the same time, looking into Meadowcap.

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The next session will be on Thursday the 15th of February. Same time, same place: 15:00 UTC (aka 🍉️ melon hour) on the earthstar discord:


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Willow Specification Reading group

A drawing from the Willow website, visualizing the three dimensions of a namespace.

@gwil and I invite everyone to the first Willow specification reading group, on Thursday the 8th of February, at 15:00 UTC (aka 🍉️ melon hour).
We meet on the earthstar discord server:

We'll be reading the data model specification together, and you can ask any question you might have along the way.

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Announcing the Willow Protocol(s)

A drawing of networked gameboys, with a nintendo-style Willow logo.

Hey everyone,

@gwil and I are excited to finally broadcast a project we have been working on for the past ten months: Willow, a family of protocols for building peer-to-peer systems. Willow sits in a similar problem space as Scuttlebutt, but with some fundamental design choices that favor mutability and multi-writer support over the immutability and single-writer focus of ssb.

A whole lot of more precise info is on the website:

We have a stable data model, an almost-stable, capability-based system for access control, and a replication protocol that gwil is currently in the process of implementing. Soon, all of these will power the next version of Earthstar.

This project is our exploration of various ideas that have originally germinated in the scuttleverse, particularly the rejection of global singletons and the focus on local communities have shaped the design quite a bit.

Anyways, we are proud of it, excited, and hope that others here might share our excitement!


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Congrats =)

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@gwil is essentially working full-time on implementing (and documenting) willow. He has funding for converting the current earthstar codebase (typescript) to willow, which involves, well, implementing willow. We are waiting to hear back on a funding application for doing rusty willow things as well.

For me, it is primarily a research project, but one that I would really like to see used in the world. Also I'm slowly funneling some students toward the codebase.

We are not quite in the place for the big announcement on scuttlebutt™ yet, but we are slowly getting there. Ideally even before scuttlebutt has emptied completely =D

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