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Re: %mMbIv40Uo

Every currency needs a neutral element of addition. #noney


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Re: %6Zfak2vaP

@andrestaltz It turns out that more structured plaintext formats like code are a lot more amendable to speech recognition than free-form text, especially if you use some sort of macros or snippets. Only navigating a code base can be fairly annoying, depending on how much you want to also reduce your mouse usage.

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Re: %6Zfak2vaP

@André Yes, I'm using Dragon, together with the Caster framework. I haven't extensively customized it, but I am quite happy with the quality of Dragon's output. I'm certainly less productive than before, but it beats constant wrist pain, to the degree that I am even accepting working on a Windows machine.

@Mix Android I didn't, I resorted to a virtual machine running arch and then the patchbay AppImage.

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By routing the output of a Windows-only speech recognition engine to a virtual machine running arch Linux and Patchbay, I can now literally say:

Hello again, world.

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