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Willow Specification Reading group

A drawing from the Willow website, visualizing the three dimensions of a namespace.

@gwil and I invite everyone to the first Willow specification reading group, on Thursday the 8th of February, at 15:00 UTC (aka 🍉️ melon hour).
We meet on the earthstar discord server:

We'll be reading the data model specification together, and you can ask any question you might have along the way.

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The next session will be on Thursday the 15th of February. Same time, same place: 15:00 UTC (aka 🍉️ melon hour) on the earthstar discord:


CC @Vim 'Derek' Simmonds, @moid

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There will be another chance next Thrsday at the same time, looking into Meadowcap.

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I'd be interested in watching a recording of this if one were made, but obviously understand if that would change the feeling or dynamic... just putting it out there 🌿

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