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Forking %owGZCex...


I created a bunch of fun graphml files using @andrestaltz fancy ssb-to-graphml plugin.

Then I threw these at Gephi Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Sketch (the last of which seems to deal with large SVG files really well by the way) on the video-rendering machines (GPU-beasts) in our office.

I'm bundling all the fancy graphs up on this dat: dat://dd71b929967f69b2cf0bfeb4c83486b3c3bb2aa2871004cbe8ff617cbf9c323a

But hey, the "render farm" is still up. So If you want a personalized graph (highlighting your little node in the network) for your presentations, wall-printing, whatever. Then reply here, specify what you want, in what color & resolution and I'll try to add it to the dat-repo.

I'd love to experiment with more data. Right now the graph is pretty much limited to what I can see in my own database, it would be cool to get several more unrelated ssb-graphml files together to see if and how different super-continents form.

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I noticed keeping the dat online is a bit shaky.
when I add things, it takes some time for the big files to be spread around the different seeds, the seeds don't like the 40mb files either.

I put everything on my VPS now, so this link should work:

That said, I just created a graph that shows off some of the most connected nodes, the file can be found here
Map of the network with popular names.jpg

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