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Re: %Wy4VtYCvH

jep, to my understanding Manyverse and Patchwork were the first 2 to implement them (which is awesome I might add)

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@martin ➬ a tag is something you annotate into a message as metadata (or at least in the text of the message, to be parsed by other clients) to categorize the content.

a room is a way of distributing these messages.

so the two are not related. rooms compare to pubs, or to distribution over local network or bluetooth. they're a means of transport.

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Jep, A room is basically a pub (though you don't necessarily subscribe to it by "becoming friends"). The main difference between a room and a pub is that a room doesn't store messages.

  • So the room doesn't have to deal with slowly becoming a data-farm, which is a common problem with Pubs.
  • The room serves less of an important role as its only function is to introduce peer-to-peer users to each other.

A negative effect is:

  • You don't receive new messages until at least 2 people are online
  • There is not an initial database of messages that you can grab real fast when setting up your SSB anew

The positive effect is:

  • Decreased role of centralized solutions
  • potentially a less explosively growing database for people that want to connect over the internet without getting big databases really fast
  • on Initial sync (after setting up SSB for the first time) you can specifically pick what other people in the room you want to download data from as the old-fashioned WiFi way of communication applies. This means that you will potentially not download 7 GB of data and freeze your entire client (unless you follow SSB celebs or people with huge friend-lists).

That's just my understanding of it though.

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