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Voted Just had an interview with an editor at Forbes. They're going to write a st
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Voted Leading up to the #dweb-camp I've been thinking a lot about what #scuttlebu
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Voted > maybe instead of "follow" and "block" it should be **"remember"** and **"
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Voted ssb research underway at the UofBasel ![ssb related research at the univer
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I feel the core of human society is trust and disguise, and all social phenomena can be reduced to them.

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Voted In the last couple months we saw the emergence of three new actively develo
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Voted I'm looking at the code - does it store the top level values as bipf arrays
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Voted # SSB Butt2 feed format First of all about the name, all the creative ener
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Market economy is a million times more "planned" than planned economy

The two terms "market economy" and "planned economy" can't be more misleading. As the opposite of planned economy, the market economy sounds like the type of economy without planning, thus messy and less efficient. Actually this is the opposite of the truth. In a planned economy a small group of government employees make the plan and everybody else just follows. In a market economy every company/person makes plan, which means there are a million times more brains collecting and processing information simultaneously. If the intelligence of a planned economy is like a fancy desktop then intelligence of the market economy is like a huge cluster of servers. This is the reason why the market economy beats the planned economy. Saidly sometimes a better name beats a better theory or even the truth. Maybe the market economy does need some marketing.

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Innovation and Minority

Innovation means being different. It requires courage to be the minority. Why does one need courage to be a minority? That is because human nature has the tendency to sacrifice the minority for the majority. Therefore, it is not a surprise that the more a society can tolerate, respect and protect minorities the more innovative a society is.

However, the paradox is, once a consensus is achieved, and the majority thinks a minority should be respected and protected, the minority is no longer the "real" minority. Opportunists may come and overdraft society's kindness. People who are questioning become the new minority.

Change never stops, tolerance is always precious, and balance is an eternal pursuit.

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