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Dweb camp + bafoonery

oh god I just talked to @Zach! for half an hour (we're in the same co-working space) and I have caught an idea that I cannot ignore.

It's very likely that Dweb Camp with have web3 bros at it. We need to talk about what the point of the technology is.
So I think I might be role-playing an enthusiastic but uninformed kiwi, coming to the tech mecca to discover the truth and bring back solutions to all our problems.
Or maybe I'll be just bring a town-crier bell and toll it and say SHAME any time a talk gets too capitalist.

If you'd like to collaborate on this please get in touch

Reading prep:

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thanks @cblgh!

I fixed some syntax highlighting in the go section (golang isn't what you use to activate golang syntax highlighting).... and had a go at adding this <code-explorer> to the go code ... but then hit this nasty race condition where marked pre-renders the code going into <code-explorer> component ... and it reads 4-space indent = START A CODE BLOCK... which totally fucks up the formatting of what I made

I got lost in the rabbit warren of marked lexing/ tokenizing/ rendering ... basically I want to turn off the markdown feature of indent -> code-block.

giving up

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Re: %PNQH1e4Z6


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