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Folks, I'm about to announce my secret project here... :-) it is not ready, but I'm thinking about developing it in the open.

Just give me some more minutes to make sure that I didn't left anything stupid there.

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Do it 👍

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Decentralisation Book promo-2.gif

Yeah! It is early days but I'm working on a new book that I plan to release before June. It is a small introductory book about decentralisation protocols. Each section is an introduction to a protocol followed by a hands-on project building a little protocol-specific project using JS.

You can follow it at:

I'm licensing the book using Creative Commons but I'll be selling it both in Leanpub and on my website because this is my work and I need to make a living. :-)

And since I let you all waiting for too long, here is a mockup:


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hummm... I should have posted that as a root thread...

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POST IT AGAIN @SoapDog (Macbook Air) (just re-use the blobs :)

If you're interested in some maintenance funding for documenting scuttlebutt part please sing out!

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@mix.desktop done!

Since that book is a commercial project by me, and the chapters are quite small — it is a simple introductory book — I'd feel bad asking for funding. If there comes a time when my situation changes and I really need the funding, I will surely ask. Thanks a lot for offering it.

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