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New web gateway for SSB

  • Main targeted audience are people who haven't used SSB and #new-people.
  • It supports $\LaTeX$ using MathJax. You can use $ for inline math and $$ for displayed formulas. More instructions here.
  • It only shows feeds who explicitly set publicWebHosting = True . Currently there are 354 valid feeds, however they generated about $\frac{1}{4}$ of all contents on SSB.
  • As there are not many feeds it only updates once per day between 6 am to 7 am UTC time to reduce cost and $\ce{CO2}$ footprint.

I build this in my spare time. It's fun to build on top of SSB. To me it is more like a read-only static APP on SSB. The contents I intended to show while building the site are non-personal and of public interest content such as tech, science, history and art.

Thanks @cel-desktop for answering many questions about SSB. Also thank @cel-desktop ,
@Daan and others in the community to provide valuable feedback to the website. I used hugo to generate this site. Hugo is a very powerful product and has a very helpful community. Hope more people will learn about SSB and benefit from it.

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