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I did some work on ssb-ahoy which I'm applying for maintenance funds for.

What is ssb-ahoy?
It's a library (here) which makes getting started with ssb + electron easier. I built it for patchbay, and it's currently in use in #ahau

What did you do, why?
I upgraded the electron version, and some other dependencies to latest electron (for security patches, performance). I also modified the API of the library, and improved the documentation, making it easier to use for beginners.
My major motivation was while supporting @zelf to build her first ssb-app, I knew that once she got to the "now make it an application others can use" step, that there would be this whole wall of complexity she might have to climb. I wanted to make sure it was easy and empowering.

How much
$500 NZD (10 hours @ $50NZD / hr)

Who approves this?
I've been the custodian of this grant pool (the administration and communication around this was itself covered by a grant from the original Dfinity grant). I don't want to approve my own expense though, so I'll invite other people who have done maintenance work through this OC to yay/nay this.

cc @SoapDog (Macbook Air) / @SoapDog, @cel, @staltz, @glyph

Please feel free to ask me any questions. If there are no major blocks/ disagreement in a week from now, I'll consider this approved. If we find some block, we can reject this expense.

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p.s. In response to feedback on the last grant application, I've written a rough Policy for this OC.
You can see it next to the expense, and also here on in the main About section. Hopefully this will help make making the decision easier. (feedback on this also welcome!)

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I'm in favor of approving

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Aye!!!!! Approved! :D :D :D Thanks a lot for the work on ssb-ahoy it is a module that deserves more love from the community :D

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Voted I did so
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Voted Aye!!!!! Approved! :D :D :D Thanks a lot for the work on `ssb-ahoy` it is a
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Voted Good use of maintenance funds, I reckon. +1 from me.
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Voted Great!
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